Recipes from my kitchen, from the road and from mah friends!

Kansas City Food Trail

I was recently on a work trip to Kansas City, Missouri!  My second one this year actually.  The weather that 3rd week of November was a cool 28 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like 8.  But it looked beautiful!   My trip was made of early morning yoga sessions with a view of sunrise from my 23rd story window; full days of work on the computer at an event; and evening excursions to find the best in Kansas City culinary — with a little climbing on top!  Luckily, my colleague Marci Malaster had gotten some tips from a local friend and she lead the way to some delightful meals! 

Le Fou Frog

A little french gem!  Walking into this warm cozy restaurant from the cold wind of Kansas City was delightfully pleasant.  Their daily happy hour is scrawled out on individual chalk boards and it includes well cocktails, beer, wine and food.  We ordered the charcuterie plate du jour which had a surprisingly good pate, as well as some nice cheeses.  For  the main, I got a game hen which was cooked to perfection, and was just the right size.  

This place is no frills but the authentically french food is done well and the staff is friendly.  In fact, it sort of feels like you have stepped into someone's living room. We loved it!

Joes Kansas City Bar-B-Que

The best barbecue that I have ever had!  This place lived up to the hype and then some.  Ask anyone in KC where the best barbecue is  and you are sure to hear about Kansas City Joe's (formerly Oklahoma Joe's).   The restaurant is a ways outside of the downtown area, but it is worth the hike.  It is inside of a working gas station and there is often a line out the door.  We waited about 20 minutes in that line and then ordered Burnt Ends, a Pulled Pork Sandwich and Ribs.  Hot damn, just looking at these photos again makes my mouth water!  

As I carried my styrofoam plate of food to our table, I popped a bit of Burnt Ends in my mouth, and, it melted right there.  I started exclaiming about how good it was to my colleagues but they were busy trying the ribs.  I tasted the ribs too and the glaze was fantastic — a perfect balance of salty and sweet, and the meat pulled right off of the bone.   The pulled pork sandwich was equally delicious.  

The feeling in the bare-bones gas station dining room was festive.  This food makes people happy.  The staff was on top of keeping the quickly turning over tables clean and our food came out of the kitchen hot just a few moments after we put our order in.  

The Cave Bouldering Gym

One more point of interest in KC — there are 3 options for indoor climbing in the KC area.  This finding blew my mind as I assumed, and later confirmed, that there is no outdoor climbing nearby.  I chose The Cave Bouldering Gym because it was the closest and its location seemed intriguing.


To get to The Cave you arrive in a parking lot for huge trucks and park near what  looks like an oversized brick chimney containing an elevator.  There is awesome signage on the door, and through-out the halls below which detail facts about The Underground, and how to utilize it. Enter the chimney, take the elevator down 10 stories, take a few lefts and rights, pass walls with painted rocks bulging out and you arrive at The Cave.

Climbing at The Cave was challenging and well rounded.  It is strictly bouldering — no ropes — but there are a good variety of routes.  I found V1's here to be my limit, and luckily there were plenty of V0's  and V1's to try.  They have one main climbing area, and a good sized overhang zone as well as some walls for training, and even a bouldering treadmill!  There is also a slack line to play on, which is great for resting between climbs.   There is a speaker strategically placed near the slack line playing music that makes it easy to find your zen and walk that line! 

Image taken from internet

Image taken from internet

The feeling in the bouldering room was very friendly and the music was on point.  The staff was very friendly, helpful and excited about the burgeoning fitness and yoga scene in Kansas City.  I happened upon the owner as I signed in, and she was stoked to see a new woman walk through the door.  Sounds like she will be opening a yoga studio in town soon!